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Here you find everything about Micro Grow, Strain reviews, the Stoner Lifestyle and much more. Also you can see and buy the products that i use.

When most of the people hear the term stoner, they think about a lazy, unmotivated person that eats unhealthy junk food. I want to change, this very wrong perspective. It started in the early 80's (before that the cannabis plant was a well respected plant) and its time for a change.
When i started a micro grow, some people said it wasn't possible or it wouldn't be worth it. But you can do anything you set your mind to! Its all about perception. In my videos i show what some of the possibilities are.  You can also follow me on Instagram @ Intelligent_stonerz
When growing in a small place you have one big advantage, the light distribution is very effective! A negative aspect is that you need to get rid off the heat that the light produces ( i use the ice bottle method). Growing your own plant gives almost a therapeutical feeling. You learn to be patient and even if you grow indoors, you get a connection with nature.
Also i would like to mention: Be proud to be a (intelligent) stoner! Dont let anyone fool ya. It is like Bob Marley said: When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself and cannabis is the healing of a nation and alcohol is the destruction of a nation.

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