Why did i start a Youtube channel?

The reason i started a Youtube Channel is because i always loved to edit videos. Nobody tought me this or anything but i just love it to make something and then check it out (when im stoned). But thats not the main reason. Most of the videos i see on youtube are about big grow tents or big grow rooms. I think it is amazing that you can grow your own vegetables or spices in a small garden, behind the window, or under a grow light.


Everyone wants to show and be cool off but not take the time to explain, go in detail and talk about their mistakes. I see some good micro grows on Youtube but a lot off those channel owners are not consistent and are not putting in all the effort to build up their YouTube channel.


So that's why i set up a YouTube channel with new content every week and i give as much information as i can and people can always ask me questions, im glad to help. I always reply.