There was a point in my life where i just had the feeling that there was knowledge for me out there. And with that i don't mean i wanted to know formulas and business plans etc. I wanted to know more about life itself and the secrets that life has and where no one talks about. I believe there is far much to life then we actually know. We are a species with Amnesia. We don't even know our own history..


In life, you will have some bad days, even some bad months and when something really big happens, it is possible that you are feeling unhappy for a year or longer.


But i believe we go trough most of the same stuff. Thats why its so important to help each other and be open. I definitely believe we are unique and we all have our own mission! But we need to stand together to create: Love Peace and Respect. I think these are essential aspects of life.


On this page i want to show you quotes that have helped me A LOT. I hope they will help you also! Much love. I'm always open for a conversation if you need me.