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Since the 15th of December 2017, im doing research in cryptocurrency and blokchain technology. I even started a YouTube channel with the name: Crypto Stoner.  I can honestly say that i am very impressed with blockchain technology and crypto currency. 

Bitcoin is the first and biggest crypto currency and was created in 2008 (after the financial crisis) by Satoshi Nakamoto. He has written the white paper and has stayd anonymously to avoid problems. Bitcoin as a currency is just the beginning of a new, revolutionary, decentralised network. Bitcoin is build on a blockchain. It’s an extension of our internet. There will be a lot of different blockchains in the future. They are already being developed. There is a big chance that the Bitcoin network will be the leading project, but other projects are also making good progress. 


Decentralised means the power is not at one place, the power is (evenly) distributed. I mean that sounds amazing right? Havent we seen enough: look what is happening to our magical Cannabis plant. Because the wrong people have to much power, this beautifull plant still doesnt had the chance to show its full potential.


Another advantage of blockchain technology, is that the costs are lower. You dont need to have expensive servers at one place. All the computers in the network that are connected to the blockchain are doing the work together. With this concept, some blockchain developpers are working to make supercomputers! Interesting right ;) Also, there isnt a building where you can shut down the Bitcoin network, this makes it almost magical. Bitcoin and the blockchain are here to stay and the Bitcoin network is the safest network in the world. The Bitcoin protocol is superior then a lot of our current systems in terms of network/user protection. Because of the decentralized structure, the banks or rich people cant control it, people only need an telephone to join. And this: will give third world countries the chance to join our economy.  


So, cryptocurrency is here to stay, its the internet 2.0. Its also called the internet of things. I am not a financial advisor but if you are interested in new technology. I would advice you, to start your research, about what a blockchain actually is. Believe me i can't even understand it fully but it isn't hard to see its amazing lifechanging potential. Dont be overwhelmed with these new/strange terms. For example: its almost impossible for an outsider, to describe exactly how the internet works, but we know what it does, and now we cant even live without it. We never thought the internet would have such an impact and we couldnt imagine, that our mobile phones at this very moment, have more calculating power then when we went to the moon. All im trying to explain is that good innovations are developped, and can get addopted very quikly.


And like i mentioned, there is so much more then just Bitcoin when it comes to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. But dont get me wrong. Bitcoin is the mothership. But these other coins called altcoins, also deserve respect (not all some are just shit coins). The name altcoins comes from the word alternative coins. 


We have come to a time where we, as just small people (compared to the big investors), we now have the chance to invest in lifechanging technology.  You should not be in crypto for quik money. You can make money quik but this is something for the long term. The technology will change our life, why not invest in it? Its an absolute lie that you need to invest a lot. I started with just 30 euros.  It is better to start small and build your way up.


I would not advice you to trade on just any platform.  I have a link here to the website Binance. This crypto trading platform is one of the biggest and also safest in the world. The company is operated from Tokio (Japan). Professionals in the industry love this platform. I have an affiliate link to the website: Binance


In the future i will put out more crypto and blockchain related content, on this page! Requests are welcome.

This is not financial advise. Always do your own research.


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